Nope ★★★★★


You actuallyyy can’t be serious. This was incredible!!! Jordan Peele does it again!!!! Only regret going alone because this scared the shit out of me… really really freaky girl……

Come on Keke!!!!! Oh she’s a star. Like this was career-defining amazing job I am so excited for her!!! And Daniel Kaluuya WOWWW. I think we all know how talented he is but he really just cemented himself as one of the modern greats. Those eyes… like he’s a master it’s true!! And the Steven Yeun Brandon Perea baes love uuuu very muchly 

Little moment for Hoyte van Hoytema’s cinematography. Literallyyy had me right there. Felt like I was searching around in the clouds for that bitch. Fantastic work

Think this is def Peele’s least subversive picture but that doesn’t mean anything in terms of quality!! Just very clear that this is about how dangerous it is to get lost in the spectacle. Very very cool theme I would sayyy

Also this has some of the most disturbing imagery… Gordy smashing the actors up… the people going up Jean Jacket’s vag… blood rain… really really horrific stuff. And lot of jump scares my god I almost screamed in there

Ough. Lowkey coulddd be my favorite of Peele’s… just amazing. See on the big screen pls!!!!!

Edit: Miss Jean Jacket was lowkey in that Iris van Herpen coutureeee at the end there like ok she’s a high fashion girlie

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