The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

LORDDDD I am exhausted! In a good way! But that was a fucking lot my god

Very interesting… and thankfully not as cryptic as eggers’s previous two movies 😭😭😭 really starting to appreciate Robert eggers more and more though!! He might not be my personal fav but he’s a cool talented guy.

The action was sooo sick!!! Love a good sword fight and all that. Really good kills and gore too. Sickening but very well done! Hated the guy with no nose though… couldn’t stand to look at him…. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

Some very nice set design as well!! Iceland is always a wonderful background. Cgi was a littleeee much at times but still generally looked very cool

Score was great. Ough really really good. And very very varied throughout!! Served a lot of purposes super well 

Alexander skarsgard ate obviiiiii. Super slayed this. He did walk around like one of those scarily inbred pit bulls though LOLZ….

Anya THE DOLL!!!!! Ohhh I love her. Her accent could’ve been better… but idc. She did great! And I totally understand Robert eggers’s obsession w her. I’d be the same!

Björk had a riddle!!!!! On brand yass

Ok!! Pretty freaking cool!!! Very very excited to continue watching Robert eggers grow😎

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