Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★★½

SHITTTT it’s a banger obviously. Haven’t seen enough of Lynch to be ranking his movies but this is righttt behind FWWM honestly. That was tew good girl

Think I will claim David as a favorite officially. Like I always get soooo freaked out and understand like 40% of it but idk he never misses… really works for me. Intersperses reality and dreams perfectly. Specifically here found the Wizard of Oz motif reallyyyy interesting. Love you beyond!!!!!!!

Y’all already know Nicolas Cage is my best friend of all time. Greatest actor ever potentially like fawk. I’d give literally anything for him to work with Lynch again I’m so serious that’s a heavenly pairing. Laura Dern OFC the most perfect and incredible. Wanting her in this weird shit again she’s too slayful. Willem was sooo scary but perf as well… also another I need to reunite with Lynch like why limit yourselves omg!!!!

Perfect score by Angelo Badalamenti as always. WHAT A TALENT OH GODDDD. Him and Lynch are genuinely one of the greatest director/composer combinations of all time methinks. Rest in peace to an absolute genius…

Yet another movie made for me kinda. Best!!!! Love!!!!!!

Edit: It’s a symbol of my individuality and my belief in personal freedom 🤨

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