Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★½

I wasn't a massive fan of Homecoming when it first came out back in 2017. While I enjoyed Tom Holland's performance and the great villain twist, overall I felt pretty underwhelming. Naturally, I wasn't that excited for Far From Home. At most it looked like yet another fine Marvel movie but god damn I'm shocked with what I got.

Is it perfect? Nope. It has some problems like a bit of weak CGI in spots and maybe could've done a little more fine tuning when it came to the exposition. However, what this film has over Homecoming and quite a few of the more duller MCU movies like Captain Marvel and Black Panther is a beating heart. Tom Holland is absolutely fantastic in this and really shows how great he is as Spider-Man. He won't surpass Tobey Maguire for me but he's still a damn good rendition of the character. The supporting cast also gets a lot of room to breathe as well. MJ in particular was a character who I've really warmed up to. I have no idea what's going on her character or whether or not she's even the MJ we assume she is but I'm enjoying what they're doing with the character a lot more now thanks to giving her more time to develop and be more than just some quirky girl that spouts quirky lines for "comic relief"

Although I wasn't all that excited to see this, one character who I was looking forward to see was Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. Gyllenhaal is one of my favorite actors working today and I was hoping that Marvel would learn their lesson in not wasting fantasic actors in weak supporting roles. I wasn't disappointed because holy shit he's fantastic in this. The film takes the character in some really interesting places that I genuinely didn't expect and really had fun with.

There's a particular sequence in this that feels straight out of Raimi near the third act and that's exactly why I loved this. It takes the heart of Raimi's films and blends into the MCU almost seamlessly with great results. It's a major win for the MCU that was needed after my personal lack of motivation to see where the mega franchise was gonna go next.

Far From Home was a giant surprise for me. It improves on damn near everything surrounding Tom Holland's Spider-Man and the overall MCU. Let's hope this continues as we see where the franchise goes post Endgame.

(Without spoiling the first post credit scene is fantastic. Don't miss it)

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