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  • The Piano Teacher
  • RoboCop
  • Brief Encounter
  • Wild Things

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  • The Firemen's Ball

  • Red Rocket

  • River's Edge

  • A Report on the Party and the Guests

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  • The Firemen's Ball

    The Firemen's Ball

    2022 CRITERION CHALLENGE 1/52 -- A film that has an out of print physical release

    A wild time. Reminds me a lot of Amarcord in how it uses over the top, at times salivating sexuality (specifically from the older men rather than the entire village like in Amarcord) to criticize a governing body. Similar to A Report on the Party and the Guests, this was made in response to the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, which is not a historical event…

  • Red Rocket

    Red Rocket

    A scoundrel has blown into town!

    Rex gives a great performance, enough smarmy charm to make you understand how this guy is able to sink his claws into people but with so much simmering arrogance and selfishness that you can feel the danger of falling for the charm and getting too close. This only intensifies as the story progresses and his relationships develop between Lexi, Lonnie, and especially Strawberry. This guy is never not manipulative but he's a fun hang…

Popular reviews

  • The Grasshopper and the Ants

    The Grasshopper and the Ants

    FUCK this capitalist propaganda bullshit "I owe the world a living" you don't owe anybody shit Grasshopper!! If you wanna live a vagabond life playing music you go for it little dude! You don't have to crush your spirit to fit into this bullshit system. What about the Queen?!?! She's not fucking working!!! Tell her to get off her fucking throne if she wants to eat and have dudes carrying her veils and shit! Fuck this movie and fuck you Walt Disney, Grasshopper and the other ants should've taken all the food and cut off the Queen's head

  • Paddington 3

    Paddington 3