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  • Mirrors



    Mirrors [0.5/4]
    - The poster is the scariest thing about this. There's one good kill, everything else is just a symptom of late-2000s mainstream horror to the least interesting degree. 

    Dull kills, terrible performances/writing/characters, exhausting explanations of everything from the lame origin of the "monster" to basic logic ("careful of the water it causes reflections" hey Jack Bauer don't you think your doctor wife knows that already) spawned from a complete lack of faith in the audience to not be…

  • Wounds



    Wounds [2.5/4]
    - The metaphors are pretty blunt but the weird imagery and diversity of topics is interesting enough. I feel like this would be best as just a bleak romantic drama about an alcoholic bartender, his girlfriend, the girl he likes, and his lies/sexism/ego/insecurity destroying both relationships. That story alone with this incredible cast would probably have worked great, especially if it maintained the energy of the first scene at the bar, which is fantastic, tense but organic and…

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  • Paddington 3

    Paddington 3



  • Annihilation


    Annihilation [1/4]
    - This is so awful in so many ways.

    The characters and dialogue feel like pre-first draft ramblings of exposition and inhuman emotional beats. Like, this feels like it wasn't made by people. The concept is interesting, and there are some cool scenes and moments (the beast scene thing), but overall the execution is super dumb, it feels like a deeply worse rip-off of Arrival, the characters are flat and nothing (same with performances), the structure is dull,…