Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home

Yes I finally got to see it.

I really liked this movie, even being a skeptic of the MCU Spidey since he debuted. This film (and Jon Watts in parricular) finally understood the duality of the Peter Parker/Spider-Man relationship and using Mysterio to develop Peter’s character was phenomenal. The Spidey-Sense scene (say that 3x fast) made me want to stand up and applaud. 

I still think the film got too distracted with the Iron Man shadow. In a word literally full of heroes, I don’t think this world really “needs the next Iron Man”. I can almost forgive this for the Happy/Peter airplane scene but I still find it far too distracting.

I also loved the Peter/MJ relationship blossom and I’m okay with it being different than it is traditionally. I didn’t like the MJ “Michelle” character in the first movie but I’m glad they did Zendaya justice and made her character much more likable. 

While it felt odd that the quintessential NYC hero wasn’t in New York for 95% of this movie, I truly think that they finally able to understand Peter Parker. Unlike Toby (and Andrew I guess?), it’s nice to see a Peter Parker who isn’t an adult. Hopefully we get more with Holland sooner rather than later.

I was a big skeptic from the beginning, and while this movie isn’t perfect, it got so much right about the character of Spider-Man. Also, Mysterio was the perfect tool to evolve this version of the character. Really liked this one.