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  • Versus



    Crazy, stupid fun, filled with zombies, Yakuza, samurai, and more. Glad I finally got to see this one.

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  • #Alive



    A fine example of why you need to vary your video game playing. You gotta have some survival horror mixed in with your first-person shooters if you really want to live.

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  • Antrum



    Alternative titles:

    - A Boy And His Dog . . . And The Devil
    - Not All Dogs Go To Heaven
    - Hansel & Gretel Go Grindhouse
    - The Blair Ditch Project

    I've got a strong feeling this is a late contender to be in my top ten horror films of 2019. Highly recommended!

  • The Woman in Black

    The Woman in Black


    This is a great lesson in atmospheric horror. Nice, slow building tension with mysterious happenings. Frequent moments of "did you just see that thing move?" and "Behind you, Harry Potter!!" spookiness. I jumped a few times and had goosebumps at least once. I know it was based on a stage play per other people's posts, and I'd love to see it. All in all, an excellent return of Hammer Studios.