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  • The Boogens

    The Boogens


    HoopTober 8.0 (Film 5 of 34)
    - From 1981 (1 of 4)
    - Decades: 1980s (2 of 8)

    A haiku review:

    Boy, they got shafted
    Some miner difficulties
    Life ore death struggles

    Can confirm that I am indeed a dad, so I am licensed to make puns like that. Regarding this film, I had low expectations since the only way i had ever heard of it was on a Trailer Trauma compilation a couple years ago. Never pinged my radar…

  • Seconds



    The Podcast Macabre 2021 Horror Challenge (Film 49 of 52)
    #21 - From Edgar Wright’s 100 Favorite Horror Films of All Time list. 

    Second viewing of this, and it holds up just as strong. I can’t top my first review and the fact that Edgar Wright asked me how I liked it after mentioning on Twitter I had watched it because of his list. (You can find my original review here.)

    (On blu-ray)

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  • Stepfather 2

    Stepfather 2


    100 Horror Movies In 92 Days - #64

    Letterboxd challenges and an obsessive need to complete lists of films featured in documentaries will always be pushing me to watch stuff I normally wouldn't think twice about. Case in point: The only reason I watched this is because it was the only film in In Search of Darkness: Part 1 that I hadn't seen. Achievement Unlocked!

    Seriously, though. This was a worthy sequel, and Terry O'Quinn plays a damn good psychopath. But now my obsessive need to push me to watch Stepfather 3 so I can complete the franchise. *sigh*

    (On Arrow)

  • Full Moon High

    Full Moon High


    100 Horror Movies In 92 Days - #63

    Full disclosure? All these years I thought Adam Arkin and Alan Arkin were brothers, not father and son. It takes a big person to admit their errors. 

    As for this film, it’s one that I probably would never have watched unless I was trying to complete the Larry Cohen catalog. But it was also discussed in In Search of Darkness: Part 1, and I’m ticking off all of the films from that.…

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  • Antrum



    Alternative titles:

    - A Boy And His Dog . . . And The Devil
    - Not All Dogs Go To Heaven
    - Hansel & Gretel Go Grindhouse
    - The Blair Ditch Project

    I've got a strong feeling this is a late contender to be in my top ten horror films of 2019. Highly recommended!

  • The Woman in Black

    The Woman in Black


    This is a great lesson in atmospheric horror. Nice, slow building tension with mysterious happenings. Frequent moments of "did you just see that thing move?" and "Behind you, Harry Potter!!" spookiness. I jumped a few times and had goosebumps at least once. I know it was based on a stage play per other people's posts, and I'd love to see it. All in all, an excellent return of Hammer Studios.