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  • Madame Satã

    Madame Satã

    One of those unexplainable moments where everything comes together just right.

  • Kairós


    So simple and old school, it seems like the film is a twin of its main character.

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  • The Woman Who Ran

    The Woman Who Ran

    Which woman is running? From where and to where? There could be a simple answer since Kim Minhee's character who serves almost as the guide for the film as she moves around being away from her husband for a few days for the first time in years. But on her "girl's day out" she will meet other women who might also be running even if they are standing still in their spaces (men are almost completely absent - or it…

  • Siberia


    Willem Dafoe is isolated in a distant place with another man. Except this time it's not Robert Pattison but himself - or his brother. But soon delirium, alcohol and paranoia settle in and quite literally away we go.

    From there, "Siberia" is up for anything in what has the strange taste of a testament film by a man looking back at his life and the many failures from it. The film mixes many different registers, some familiar to Ferrara and…