Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★½

I'm glad that the MCU has finally figured out what they need to be doing with Spiderman... After a great start to the Tom Holland era of Spidey movies with Homecoming, Far From Home builds upon that movies' successes in introducing a teenage Peter Parker balancing his high school life with his superhero life, and in my opinion, is quite possibly the best sequel in the MCU that I've seen.

I'll openly admit that at times this movie can get a little cheesy, and there's definitely a bit of a "plot convenience" factor at times, but that's kind of a given with any superhero movie. A surprisingly good portion of the jokes were hits for me (two that spring to mind off hand that were great were "It's a bit tight in the web slinger" and "I love Led Zeppelin!"), and since pretty much all of the character establishment already happened in the previous movie, more of the side characters were able to shine and bounce off of Spidey in a more natural way than in Homecoming. Zendaya puts on a much more engaging performance as MJ this time around, and Nick Fury and Happy were both great when they're around. Jake Gyllenhaal played a great and convincing Mysterio as well in this, and the fights were mostly very interesting to watch.

I'm very interested to see where they're taking this series with how they wrapped up this one, without explicitly spoiling anything... The third movie has some real potential. I have no idea what was going on in that second post-credit scene though.

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