Tenet ★★★★

Well, we finally get to see what Christopher Nolan’s James Bond movie would’ve looked like.

This is certainly Nolan’s most flawed film, his most baffling, his most poorly mixed, and his coldest and most emotionless film yet.

And yet I was so enthralled by it. For every moment where I could feel a vein popping out of temple, just trying to keep up with what was on the screen, there was a moment that had me in total awe.

There’s so much to dislike about Tenet, but I find it impossible to give this wholly original action movie that is leagues above the usual summer blockbuster fare anything lower than an 8/10.

I know that I’ll be returning to Tenet time and time again (with subtitles), and while I hope to find a little more clarity the next time, I look forward to being baffled once more.

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