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  • Brainscan



    This is the dumber 1990s Cyberpunk sibling of River’s Edge where disparate teens inflict violence on their fellow townies seemingly without any emotion. Eddie Furlong is probably more Layne in real life than Crispin Glover actually is, but on camera, unfortunately that’s not the case. Still Eddie did a good job. So did the Nightmare Feddy Trickster.

  • Dead Women in Lingerie

    Dead Women in Lingerie


    Boring. But I just couldn’t turn it off. Not as good as Ice Cube’s movies, but there’s a few laughs. 

    Full transparency: might have turned it off if I hadn’t purchased the poster before my viewing

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  • Showgirls 2: Penny's from Heaven

    Showgirls 2: Penny's from Heaven


    There’s a line in this movie: “The one that’s able to fool the world for being dumb, is the one we should all watch out for”

    I think a lot of people dismiss this movie as dumb because it has a ditzy lead, T&A, and brightly colored lipstick — but this movie has brains too.

    Rena Riffel did everything behind the scenes — wrote, directed, starred, edited, makeup and hair, location scouted, lugged around all the equipment, and even craft…

  • QT World: Fearless I Am

    QT World: Fearless I Am


    QT world requires a lot of patience, and is definitely challenging watch, but isn’t a slog for nothing. What sets this apart from other chintzy CGI films is the fascinating glimpse into the mind of the creator Anthony Lewis, who I would assume, likely struggles with similar paranoia and anxiety as main character Stareon. Parts of this movie are pretty emotionally raw, yet it’s set in the most hilariously nightmarish universe of bizarro characters and bad CGI. The dark thoughts…