• The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari


    “you fools, this man is plotting our doom! we die at dawn! he is caligari!”

    the twist still gets me like woah.. glad i had to watch this for class but now i need to write a one page response paper on why it’s a masterpiece……

  • The Territory

    The Territory

    “it’s important to record, because then you have a weapon."

    heartbreaking and infuriating but very powerful and so so so well-made

  • Koyaanisqatsi


    this is breathtaking oh my god

  • You People

    You People


    “who is this white woman?”

    this movie was so corny but kinda cute tbh 💀

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    this movie is like therapy for me omg

  • 80 for Brady

    80 for Brady


    “we’re going to the super bowl!”

    this is such a charming movie and it’s 10000% what i needed after the week i just had

  • Infinity Pool

    Infinity Pool


    “it’s like a new skin working itself into place”

    i literally took a shower as soon as i got home bc i felt gross. thank you god for giving us the cronenbergs, the skarsgårds, and mia goth. weird mfs with the balls to make weird shit, i love that. this movie is gross and unsettling and has some interesting ideas about rich tourists and that gross psychological intersection between violence and sex. i def need to rewatch. not now, but maybe in like a year or two.

  • Scary Movie 3

    Scary Movie 3


    “seven days? oh my god. i'm gonna die next monday?”

    this movie’s so stupid 😭

  • La Jetée

    La Jetée


    “nothing distinguishes memories from ordinary moments. only later do they become memorable by the scars they leave.”

    that story is heartbreaking omg i love movies wth

  • Un Chien Andalou

    Un Chien Andalou

    this being the very first film we watched in my film theory class is INSANE like i heard people gasp

  • Scary Movie

    Scary Movie


    “i'm gonna slash and gash, cut another hole in your ass.”

    this movie changed film history methinks

  • The Banshees of Inisherin

    The Banshees of Inisherin


    i love these crazy white people sm