Under the Skin

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

My girlfriend recommended this, which is disturbing. After watching it in its entirety and reading a few reviews and interpretations, I can say for myself that this was an ambiguous film. The entire scope of the movie, from acting to location to sound- is not of its time. I had to fact check the release of this because it’s not quick, it’s not forward, it just is. Nothing is explained, rather left for us, the viewer, to consume and digest. One idea of the meaning underneath the shell of this plot, is aliens (duh, it’s Sci-Fi). Well, no, or at least not to me. I can’t put what it meant to me in English just yet, but I can see it with my ounce of wrinkled brain. I want to rate this, but it’s just too damn “out there” to give a number. Man, I really hopped back on this app to review movies and the second one I do- I’m left empty handed. Thanks, babe.