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Duncan Vicat-Brown


I want people to have fun.

Favourite Films = three that recently blew my mind + my fav of the year.

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  • The Bridge Curse

    The Bridge Curse


    Not un-spooky, and not un-exciting, but not really any other thing either! There seems to have been some kind of twist at the end, but gun to my head I could not tell you what it was.

  • The Babysitter

    The Babysitter


    Marginally better the second time round! Shirtless Jock and Hana Mae Lee's big scenes are so good, give them spin offs

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  • Zodiac



    Lifetime award to Jake Gyllenhaal for embodying so many different subreddits

  • The Truman Show

    The Truman Show


    Put this off years because for some reason I had it down as a broken-back narrative with an hour of Pleasantville followed by an hour of like, The Matrix Reloaded speeches? When actually, it's one of the smartest and most intricate thrillers of the 90s, perfectly pitched and plotted in almost every conceivable way, with wall-to-wall sublime performances and.. great jokes? Should have walked the Oscars: for film, director, actor, supporting actress (Linney or McElhone, take your pick, doing incredible…