John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum ★★★★

The third film in this franchise didn't let me down

The action is on par with the first two and might even have some of the better fight choreography. Some of the kills are so unique which is what I've come to love about these movies. The way it's shot makes it looks so realistic.

The first act of this movie is what makes it great for me. Comes out swinging and keeps going.

The second act is what was the big downer for me. Halle Berry was overacting and her character/scene felt out of place. It's also where you meet the bald lady who was annoying to look at.

But the third act brings it back around for me and has some fantastic hand to hand combat that was definitely influenced by Japanese fighting styles.

John Wick is the only character I really care about in these movies and when he's not on screen I'm just waiting for him to come back. Everything in New York looks so beautiful and I wish someone would just make a supercut of all the scenes placed there so I can just watch all of those.

If you liked the first two you'll love this one. Just had a few problems with the second act.

Wife's Review: Better than the second movie, Halle Berry is barely in it, but has good action. 3 and a half stars.