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  • Showgirls



    “Molly, they're going to see a smiling snatch if you don't fix this g-string.“

    When we were kids, a friend and I watched Showgirls on Cinemax.  Except, neither of us actually had Cinemax, so we watched an extremely blurry, scrambled version on the channel that people who pay for Cinemax watch Showgirls.  Years later, that same friend inexplicably hid a copy of Showgirls on DVD under the desk in his dorm room.  True Story.

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  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds


    “Well, if this is it, old boy, I hope you don’t mind if I go out speaking the Kings.”

    Americans shooting Hitler in the face is a much better ending to World War II in Europe, than what actually happened.  Also, who’s to say, Hans Landa didn’t help orchestrate the entire thing?  Movies are just better.  I saw Inglorious Basterds in theatres, three times the day it was released.  I regret nothing.

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  • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians


    “Santa, you will never return to Earth, you belong to Mars now.“

    This is an actual movie.  Instead of watching the movie, I’d recommend simply reading the title.

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  • Reindeer Games

    Reindeer Games


    “I had better sex in prison.”

    The thing that stood out to me the most, was that Charlize Theron’s character gets a %50 off discount where she works.  %50! That seems awfully generous.  Employees could buy a bunch of stuff, resell It and make a pretty good profit.

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  • Parasite



    “Thank you, Mr. Park!”

    If Parasite isn’t a flawless film, it’s pretty damn close.  Crisp, vibrant cinematography highlight unparalleled writing, acting, directing & seamless editing. While easily my pick for best picture of the year, Parasite is possibly the best picture of the decade.

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  • Maverick



    “My old Pappy used to say, there is no more deeply satisfying religious experience than cheating, on a cheater.”

    My buddy agmoore24 and I have long considered Maverick one of our favorite and most quotable films.  This is a very funny & original movie featuring Mel Gibson at what is probably the top of his game.   Jodie Foster doesn’t really make bad movies, and James Garner is good too.....right?  Maverick is a very easy watch at any time of day with engaging characters and a fun plot.  Though I thoroughly enjoy both Superman & The Goonies, Maverick stands alone as my favorite Richard Donner film.

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