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  • King of New York
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Stranger Than Paradise
  • A Serious Man

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  • The Social Dilemma


  • Just Mercy


  • Hardcore


  • Color Out of Space

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  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds


    “Well, if this is it, old boy, I hope you don’t mind if I go out speaking the Kings.”

    Americans shooting Hitler in the face is a much better ending to World War II in Europe, than what actually happened.  Also, who’s to say, Hans Landa didn’t help orchestrate the entire thing?  Movies are just better.  I saw Inglorious Basterds in theatres, three times the day it was released.  I regret nothing.

    Inglorious Basterds IMDB

  • Parasite



    “Thank you, Mr. Park!”

    If Parasite isn’t a flawless film, it’s pretty damn close.  Crisp, vibrant cinematography highlight unparalleled writing, acting, directing & seamless editing. While easily my pick for best picture of the year, Parasite is possibly the best picture of the decade.

    Parasite IMDB