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  • Bullet Ballet

    Bullet Ballet


    Day 30/30

    I did it.
    I watched Bullet Ballet, every day throughout April. Not sure if that speaks more about the film's quality or my Asperger's syndrome, but in any case, this has been quite a ride. I don't necessarily recommend doing this sort of thing since it could potentially ruin your enjoyment of a film, but I guess due to my obsession with this one, the enjoyment stayed pretty consistent. On the other hand, I see that my challenge…

  • Sick Film

    Sick Film


    If you've followed me here for a while, you probably noticed that I tag films which include vomit. On one hand, this functions as a trigger warning for those who suffer from emetophobia, but it's more of a personal reminder since I'm (for lack of a better word) fascinated by vomit. Whether it's the nonstop flow in Gerorisuto (1986) or the eerie slow-motion shot in Disgraced Heaven (2017), when depicted in film, vomit has a strangely cathartic effect on me.…

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  • Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

    Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga


    The result of an American celebrity discovering Eurovision and wanting to profit from it, leading to an overabundance of dick jokes and cultural stereotypes within a cliched romcom setup. Even for people who grew up watching the contest, like myself, the pointless cameos and needle drops weren't enough to save the lazy writing, though that climax was surprisingly cathartic.

    I only ended up watching this cause of my mom so I'm glad she liked it at least. Also lmao @ Scotland being the hosting country, as if.

  • Spice World: The Movie

    Spice World: The Movie


    The kind of self-aware and risk-taking mess that only the 90's could have conceived while on a severe sugar rush.

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  • Bullet Ballet

    Bullet Ballet


    Let's make something crystal clear:
    This is one of the greatest films I've ever seen. Especially thanks to Kirina Mano's gripping performance and the stunning B&W cinematography. Granted, my taste in films is questionable to say the least, but for anyone who enjoyed Shinya Tsukamoto's other works like Tokyo Fist or Kotoko, I implore you to give this a watch. Some may get turned off by the bleak and nihilistic tone though.

  • Parasite



    When a newly released film receives critical acclaim, even to the point of ending up on Letterboxd's top 250 list (currently at #7 no less!), it's easy to enter it with caution, assuming people just get caught up in the hype and exaggerate it.


    No joke, this is without a doubt one of the greatest films I've ever seen. Beyond making me physically shake in suspense, the impact it has left on me is indescribable. It will undoubtedly go…