Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

"oliver....i remember everything."

call me by your name is an ode, a love letter, to sensuality, self discovery, and the human experience. it tells the story of two men finding love in each other with such passion and such raw openness that it's impossible to not be moved by what's playing before your very eyes. at times the movie feels so intimate, the actors playing scenarios so startlingly real, that you start to feel like you're trespassing, like you're watching something your eyes aren't meant to see. the movie is dreamy and enchanting in all the right ways; a lilting piano score and breathtaking cinematography transport you to that little italian villa. timothée chalamet and armie hammer play such heartbreakingly honest characters that you almost begin to fall in love with them yourself, giving you yet another reason to sympathize with oliver and elio. i've never seen a movie so subtly and intricately depict what it feels like to fall in love. this movie is filled with the messy, hopeful, heartbreaking optimisism of finding love in a way that allows the viewer to connect on a deeper level, to see themselves in elio's longing gaze or oliver's tender words. not a single frame nor line of dialogue in this film is wasted, everything from the framing to the acting to the sound editing coming together to create a summery, romantic tone that leaves your heart soaring one moment then crashing the next. i fell in love with this movie as elio and oliver fell in love with each other. i cannot sing my praises enough; to say this film is a masterpiece seems almost a pale comparison. call my by your name is a delightful, haunting, heart wrenchingly beautiful work of art that will leave you longing for more.

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