Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

taika waititi, i owe you my life. i don't think a marvel movie has ever made me feel such genuine joy in the entirety of the franchise's existence. thor has always been, clearly, the superior avenger and i'm so glad waititi gave him the movie he deserved.

thor: ragnarok is fun, it's gorgeous, it's exciting, and it's everything you could need in a comic book film. seeing thor and loki together again is endless fun, seeing thor with bruce banner/the hulk is equally as entertaining, and watching thor build new relationships feels so fulfilling and i dare say warms your heart. ragnarok is the perfect end to thor's set of films. i'm happy that, above all else, i'm able to have a good time and enjoy myself for a bit while watching this film. thor has always brought a smile to my face, but taika waititi gave me a thor film that does so much more than that and i love him to death for it.

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