Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

Fincher and Flynn, masters of the thriller....feels good to say that for the first time of hopefully many in what seems to be the beginning of a long and prosperous partnership between the dark twisted author and the thrilling master director. What the two have done here is taken Flynn's already amazing novel and given it sinister life on the big screen as the disappearance of "Amazing Amy Elliot" and the unreliable perspective we get from her suspicious husband Nick unfurls beautifully into a gloomy sinister tale of cruelty, suspicion and ultimately murder.

While Affleck's comfortable performance may have seemed like the make it break it role before the movie's release, its Rosamund Pike's chilling narration that steals the centre stage and catapults the finger of blame. The supporting cast are as ever in a Fincher film, fantastic, with a rare dramatic performance from Tyler Perry, but the central focus revolves around the bloody metaphorical waltz of Nick and Amy.

Flynn, taking it upon herself to write the screenplay of her source material jots down some amazing dialog and character quirks, allowing Fincher to iron out the finer points and bleed the best out of the plot twist worthy of some of his earlier material.

A fantastic entry into Fincher's almost perfect repertoire, giving us a dark tale on the inside of a sinister mind and the cruelty and abuse from both sides of a marriage with two contrasting narratives.

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