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  • Love



    One of the most beautifully shot chamber dramas, fragmented memories, a longing for our loved ones and survival under the repressive state all connecting to each other like a spider web. It's simple, straighfoward, yet visually complex, etheral and majestically acted.

    Rest in peace Töröcsik Mari.

  • Nobody



    Essentially a retooling of Derek Kolstad's underground mobster/assassins universe into middle class suburbia, but if the formula works then it works. Pure power fantasy that doesn't even tries to fancy itself with any deeper meaning, former top notch killer tries to live a normal, mundane life, gets dragged back into his former world, lots of violence happens. And its a blast to watch. Naishuller always had a knack of stylish, good-looking, economic action and he gets all the chance here…

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  • Hard Boiled

    Hard Boiled

    "Most things go in and out of style - that is with the exception of war of course."

    The Bitches Brew of action cinema, a jazzy, melancholic, hyperkinetic, slam-bang tornado of bullets, explosions, smoke, blood, fire, sparks and body movement. John Woo pushing his signature style into the highest degree while painting an almost apocalyptical battle between crime and law enforcment, where even the youngest in born into violence and destinated to pick up the weapons of their elders. One…

  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot

    Absolute flaming garbage, utterly unbearable girlboss, "Yes queen, slaaay" cinema made by people and for people who think Amy Dunne from Gone Girl is some kind of positive role model. Textbook example when a writer/director tries to do one of the most dangerous storytelling rope-walks (aka making it about an irredeemable sociopath) and falls right onto his face from ten feet high. Because he doesn't have the talent, the experience and the creative nuance to bring any complexity into it.…