Nope ★★★★½

An ingenious slam dunk of big ideas with equally grand visuals, a movie that keeps you guessing on what its about and where its headed, but comes together flawlessly. Imagine a two hour X-Files cold open mixed with 70's Spielberg, western, horror, comedy, about half-a-dozen metatextual layers from moviemaking, our unstoppable curiosity for the supernatural, digital vs analogue. And even these feel like the top layer. The whole package never feels like a mess, its always intriguing, thrilling, entertaining, suspenseful and at times jawdropping with its grand scale and superbly clean setpieces, fantastic monster design, tension and action blending into each other perfectly. I was pretty meh towards Us and feared that Jordan Peele might have sunken into the self-repeating sophomore slump, but this is a brilliant left turn into the right direction, easily his best work to day.

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