Persona ★★★★

Yea...Call me film illiterate but this one pretty much went over my head with the last 20 or so minutes.

Don't get me wrong I think this film is great and maybe on multiple rewatches and diving deep into so much of what is being communicated, it's very possible it's a masterpiece. I just feel like this is the type of film that has multiple interpretations and most of them contradict with themselves as well as what happens in the film.

I thought Bibi Andersson was phenomenal and her performance is part of the reason why I think this film is great. I was pretty much invested in the story but it really started to get weird. The husband thing was making me scratch my head a little bit and I guess that's where Alma's psychological issues took a toll? Despite some hints earlier about how the two women felt similar, for the most part the film to me was more about their differences and I enjoyed that a lot more especially once the reading the letter scene happened.

This film seems to be as complex as they come. A surface level reading doesn't really work fully and whether you read into it being a film about duality, repressed sexuality, delusion etc. there seems to always be enough questions that don't have answers. Maybe that's the point of it all, that we draw what meaning we see from the film. I just felt that a film that seemed to make a lot of sense for so long, made me un-invested by the end due to my inability to really make sense of things.

I think this is a phenomenal film on so many levels and one that created and probably continues to create a lot of discussion and debate but it isn't one I'm invested enough to discuss a lot more about. Ingmar Bergman though, continues to impress with his character and dialogue writing.

P.S. This is the 100th film of my 340 giant classics list, I'll make a list ranking them so far, it's been a fantastic watch so far.

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