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This review may contain spoilers.

Wow, I kinda didn't really care throughout this...

Yea the film looks good in certain portions and the music I guess is creepy, though it sounds like a generic A24 "horror" score. I don't like labelling films pretentious but man this film felt pretty pretentious.

I had reservations going into this and once again my gut feeling was right. This film manages to both hold my attention but also never really interest me.

I'm sure there is a lot to read into the film and that's going to end up making some people love it and give it high ratings but I certainly align with people that weren't impressed by this.

I think it's safe to say there was a lot of liberties taken with the source material here because there's no way you can tell me all this was in the original poem. Some things seemed a little more relevant than others. Like the lord and lady seem a lot more important and relevant than the random ghost woman.

God I just feel like I've spent two hours and not really gotten anything from it. It's a combination of being confused in understanding this film and not actually being invested enough to read further into it.

All those weird things our protagonist goes through are just tests I guess. How is the headless woman thing relevant? I dunno it's probably a nod to some other tale. What the hell is with the fox? I dunno probably a nod to some other tale. What on earth is going on with that random thieve kid he meets? I don't know mate, it's probably a reference to some tale.
Who is the lord and lady in that random castle? Who is the Green Knight really? Well his mum's a sorceress so I guess this is all a trial of some sort to see if he's worthy or to probably make sure he stops drinking and screwing around all day. Do her motivations make sense? I don't even know. Did she really do all this crazy stuff just to test him? What if he had died? What if he hadn't gotten that random vision? Who knows, it's all just magic stuff and all we have to know is I guess he learned a lesson!

What the hell was that ending? Did it end happily or how we thought it would? Who knows, I'm sure there is some room for interpretation. We got a "real" ending that tells us what happens if he keeps going down that path but we didn't really get it because it doesn't really happen!

Hmm what's that? The character work? Well the protagonist is a spoilt brat who acts like he's deeply troubled and he has a lot of depth but we really never get to see any of that beyond he's sometimes a coward and lacking in bravery. He's conflicted about who he is and who he makes choices for I guess...Honestly I didn't really care. Maybe I don't buy Dev Patel as he seems naturally likable but his character doesn't really seem to be well fleshed out to the point I can know if he's good, bad, in between etc.

This is by no means a bad film. It's crafted fairly decent and I'm sure there are a lot of things to pick up on but none of it really interests me beyond a surface level appeal to find out where the story is going. I didn't care for it at all.

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