Upgrade ★★★★

A ton of fun, and shows what a tone of voice and style can do to elevate a pretty cliché filled story. It follows everything you'd expect, right down to the revelations at the end (though, the final reveal is certainly pretty good), and strewn with the dispatching of criminals one by one and subsequent cop investigation, yadda yadda. It's purely through Whannell's visual style, more exaggerated here than in Insidious 3, and exuberant voice underlining the whole thing. But even as fun as the movie can be, it still retains enough seriousness to buy the gravitas of the events within, walking a careful line that satisfies either end of the spectrum. Whannell also wisely knows what to spend the film's small budget on, with most of it going to exterior establishing shots in order for you to buy the world it takes place in, while the interior scenes are rather drab and generic, relying on lighting and the performances to carry the scenes.