The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

The Grand Budapest Hotel is another film I’ve always wanted to watch and have always been planning on to for so long but never came along to watching it... until today!
And wow, I loved it!

I had heard of so many amazing things about this movie and it doesn’t disappoint at all! 
I’m sure that everyone reading this knows the satisfying feeling of loving a movie that they always wanted to watch and I really enjoy that feeling too and this movie gives off that feeling for me. This movie was just really fun and entertaining and hilarious too! It’s filled with incredibly talented actors and actresses! The performances were spot on fantastic, especially Ralph Fiennes’ performance! The movie also had a lot of fun little cameos and appearances from a lot of incredible people too! The cinematography and production designs were absolutely stunning, I was seriously really impressed by the whole movie! I also loved the sets and they all matched the style and vibe that the movie was really going for. The vibrant wardrobe was also really great and it perfectly fits the tone of the movie and the characters in the movie. All of the characters in this were great and interesting and just really fun to watch too! The storyline was already great but then the movie combines that with the fantastic storytelling and the amazing direction of Wes Anderson with the stellar ensemble cast and it’s just a wonderful movie that is so fun and entertaining to watch! The dialogue and the script was also amazing, it was hilarious and fun and it just works really well. The score was also really nice and it fits the scenes in the film very well. The pacing was actually really well done too! With a pleasant runtime, this movie manages to accomplish so many things with it’s short runtime and the great pacing and... it just doesn’t drag at all! Overall, I absolutely loved this movie and I would definitely recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet!

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