Beautiful, political, hypnotizing. This worked for in me huge ways. I love the original for its visual style and excellent soundtrack (two things this movie doesn't live up to), but the themes and tone of this remake are way more my speed.

I appreciate the amount of exposition that the script allows. Too often "cerebral" films like this bombard the audience with abstraction and too little context and ask them to just figure it out. But characters here actually talk about the things that are happening in plain language, and I for one am happy about not spending half the movie wondering what the fuck is going on.

There are images and sequences here that are the most unsettling I've seen in a movie from 2018, so I'm comfortable calling this the best horror film of the year. Sorry, HEREDITARY.

I didn't get much out of the old doctor subplot, and I felt the movie would have benefitted from isolating the audience at the dance school like the original does. That said, the finale is absolutely bonkers, despite some shaky CGI.

And yeah, this is too long. Still loved it, though.

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