The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Switch the second syllables in Robert Eggers' name and what to you get?

That's right, Rogers Egbert.

Now, Egbert is a near-anagram to Egret, which is a bird of prey similar to a seagull or, dare I say, a raven. What 2015 movie distributed by A24 prominently featured a raven?

That's right, The UwUitch.

Now, The UwUitch was about witches and goats, while The Lighthouse is about mermaids, cum, lobsters and the ocean. What movie has all six of these things except goats? Here's another hint: what did Robert Pattinson have to use during onanism in this movie, as a sort of "sperm-aid?"

That's right, The Little Mermaid.

Now, we all remember that the VHS cover of The Little Mermaid was graced with a phallic symbol for one of the castle spires of Atlantis. What else is a phallic symbol that rises out of the ocean, you might ask?

That's right, a lighthouse, or... dare I say: The Lighthouse.

Now, The Lighthouse is about two men who live in a tower in the middle of the ocean. It turns out both of them have the same name, effectively making them twins. The film is about these twins losing their sanity over something they did in the past. What happened in the past to some Towers that were also Twins?

Solve this riddle and you will discover the true meaning behind A24's latest masterpiece.

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