Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★

I've seen this movie so many times now. And every time I watch this, it comes so close to the first time I saw this. I loved it instantly and couldn't stop talking about it, driving a lot of people crazy.

Fight Club is a movie that is captivating, entertaining and even after so many times still surprising. It has just so many layers. With every viewing, you discover something new. Whether it be a big plot point or a very small detail. That's what makes Fight Club fun to revisit time after time.

Fincher created a very dark and moody movie. It's sort of a critique on us as consumers buying shit we don't need, living in a world where daily routine has taken over an we are not special anymore. With the Fight Club's they try to make a statement. Like all movements, it begins very small but gets bigger and bigger. The story here is so damn good. It has so much in it. And every little aspect is done in an interesting way. From the amazing opening credits, with the adrenaline evoking score by The Dust Brothers, all the way to the fantastic end accompanied by The Pixies "Where's My Mind".

Fincher and Pitt are a golden duo. Their chemistry is just as amazing here as it is in Se7en and Benjamin Button. Pitt shows he can act like his life depends on it. Norton puts on an acting Masterclass. Outplaying Pitt a bit here. But both are exceptionally good here. Norton's character is who we really are and Pitt's character is who we really want to be. Great opposites. Bonham-Carter and Meat Loaf are great additions to the cast.

Visually, this is nothing short of amazing. The dark/poorly lit photography is stunning. Jeff Cronenweth did such a fantastic job on this. The house on Paper Street is beautifully designed. Wonderful crappy looking house. The rest of the sets are equally as good. The visual effects really serve the story in Fight Club. The editing makes this movie really work and the sound design is a work of art.

Fight Club is one of those movies you will never forget after seeing it. It'll stay with you forever and you will always feel the need to watch this at least once a year.

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