Bombshell ★★½

I can’t help but think this is one of the things that’s gonna lead Hollywood to make a film about Weinstein, and hopefully, that one will be better than this. 

I don't know much about American politics to really dive in, and umm there’s really not much to say other than it really lacks that powerful punch they needed to deliver the story, I mean on paper its powerful, but a different concept might have worked better for a story like this. 

The Good thing I guess is the performance. Margot Robbie waterworks is second next to Scarlett Johansson this year. Charlize was great, I didn’t know she was gonna change her voice too so that took me by surprise, but then as the film goes I just become less impressed lol. Nicole... she’s doing her usual thing. 

Overall this movie just lacks... everything. I left feeling cold, like that’s it? It’s a story about exposing a sexual predator, but there's no weight to the movie at all. Not even great performances could save this...

Oh yeah one last thing i really like mckinnon here

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