Captain Marvel ★★★

Y'all are either blinded by your love for marvel or Brie Larson, its the same thing.
The tesseract continues to have more screen time than Hawkeye. The timing of songs that played in some scenes are questionable. No real stakes, no lives feel endangered. The usual marvel flaws, or you could say superhero. They really expect us to buy into Maria and carol connection like that huh, that's pretty insulting to the audience. But other than that of course there are some good stuffs, I love female heroes, so there's that. I love Brie Larson's addition of swagger-ness to carol. I love sam l Jackson in this. I love the post credit scene.
So much potential wasted, they had something there with the back and forth past and present scenes, could've done it like memento-esque style, but I guess it'll be too hard for GA. Hope the sequel is better than this.

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