Her ★★★★★

Probably my favorite movie of all time, can’t find a single flaw in it, everything just flows. A combo of great actor + great script + cinematography + score = amazing film. Also Scarlett’s voice ? Wow, never thought a voice could convey so much emotions without even appearing on screen. Joaquin Phoenix acting, this guy is amazing, nuff said. The setting of this movie, I want our future city to look exactly like this, kudos to all the art direction. The score, arcade fire is amazing, love me a film with good score. What else, Rooney Mara, with only a few minutes screen time, she steals every scene. Overall this film is so fucking great. The feeling of watching such an interesting story unfold is something I’d like to experience again. Reminds me of when I was watching interstellar for the first time in theater when I was 13. This movie reminds me why I love watching movies, why I love story telling, and cinema.

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