sofia has written 9 reviews for films with no rating during 2019.

  • Cats


    This is so fucking gross, its not even entertaining for me, its boring, dull, and a nightmare. 

    Who the fuck is responsible for giving this man $100 million??? The audacity... people are out there starving and this white man just wasted a bunch of money on nothing. Doesn't even deserve half a star.

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive

    big boobs? what? um child anyway so

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story

    Cant wait to watch my parents biopic

  • 1917


    Dunkirk (2017) wishes

  • Synecdoche, New York

    Synecdoche, New York

    Someone decided this is his take on life, and then made a movie about exactly that.

    I don’t understand it, it took a few reading but I think I get some of it
    I don’t get it but I felt what it was trying to convey ? 
    I can’t appreciate this now but I know I’m gonna wake up at 2am thinking about this.

    What even is a film ? How do film supposed to be ? Pretty sure this one wasn’t meant to be for entertainment.

  • Elle


    I dont think i can finish this... this is like watching my worst nightmare unfolds, no thanks, not right now, maybe sometime in the future when i’m ready

  • Brigsby Bear

    Brigsby Bear

    Interesting alternate view of room (2015)

  • Serenity


    why the fuck do I watch this, I guess I wanna know how bad it can be, and its really fucking bad. walked out.

  • Hellboy


    I blame the cuts they do in my theatre, don't know what's happening the whole movie because of that. walked out halfway, sorry.