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This review may contain spoilers.

The first time I saw this incredible piece of work, I was not able to get the film out of my head for days. I would lie in my bed, stare into the ceiling and reflect over what I just had watched. This unusual feeling did not change the second time I watched it.

There Will Be Blood is a 2 ½ hour long visceral journey that leaves the viewer in a long-lasting state of astonishment. The film is breathtaking in every single aspect. Daniel Day-Lewis is, simply put, perfect in the film, as the greedy misanthropic oilman who “wants no one else to succeed”, Daniel Plainview. The development of this character throughout the film is shockingly intriguing and is probably one of the most fascinating character studies I've ever experienced on film. His greed and hatred towards people finally reaches a boiling point, where he lives up to the film’s title. Paul Dano delivers his best performance yet as the young educated preacher, Eli Sunday (also as Eli’s twin brother, Paul). The film’s intimidating and haunting score made by Jonny Greenwood supports the film greatly and intertwine perfectly with the jaw-dropping visuals of California’s barren deserts. The film brings up strong themes of greed, hatred and religion among others.

Paul Thomas Anderson has crafted a film that has it all: a thought-provoking multi-layered and captivating story, enthralling character developments, impeccable acting, a stunning cinematography and an unsettling score that sticks in your head. This film is one of the many examples why Paul Thomas Anderson is one of the finest directors of our generation. There Will Be Blood is truly a masterpiece.

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