La La Land ★★★★★

It's pretty strange that we keep running into one another. 

The first time I watched this film I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just assumed it was a “cliche happy” movie but god, was I wrong. 

I love each chapter of this film. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each season portrayed  a different chapter of Mia and Sebastian’s lives. It was nice to see it done like this. The scenery of this film is one of the most incredible things I’ve seen in a film. Every shot I seen I was in awe of, particularly the first dance scene Mia and Sebastian have together. Breathtaking. I enjoyed this scene so much, it’s so fun to watch. It’s one of my favourites. Wow, Mia in the yellow dress,  she looked gorgeous. 

Mia and Sebastian represent a real relationship. It isn’t all happy and cliche. It’s authentic and genuine. It is nice to see that because it is relatable and seen in all couples.  They have this rare chemistry which is through art and music. It is so endearing to see them share their interests with one another. 

I can’t believe the last 15 minutes of the movie is real. It is so magical and ethereal to see how their life together could have been. I just remember watching this and thinking if one thing changed Mia and Sebastian could have lived the life they always wanted to have with each other. That whole scene is flawless, the dancing, the music, the camera work and the scenery. Absolutely breathtaking.

Overall, this film is spectacular and there are  no flaws. Everything is perfect. Emma Stone’s performance is unreal, she is so talented. Ryan Gosling playing Jazz on the piano is truly something else. 

Side-note, the soundtrack is possibly one of my favourite soundtracks to exist. 

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