Eternals ★★½

Man oh man, the Marvel cinematic universe is really disappointing me lately. I've talked about my growing superhero movie fatigue in my The Batman post. It just seems like the Marvel cinematic universe is just pushing out the most mediocre movies ever since Infinity War ended. I didn't like Antman and the Wasp, Black Window, Captain Marvel, or Endgame: Far From Home. I really wanted to like them, but they all just felt so mediocre and had no real feeling to them. A pre-packaged film created solely to appeal to the average moviegoer. Just a cog in the Disney corporate machine. So, after the disappointments of the previous two films, I decided to pass on Shang-chi, even though the character looked cool and I loved the comic stuff with him and his iron fist, because I was never really interested in the eternals, both as a kid reading comics (more of a new gods kinda guy) and as a fan of the mcu. 
Never the less, after hearing that Chloé Zhao was directing, and hearing about all the lgbt representation and diversity and deep themes they would explore. Needless to say, I got excited. I thought, "Thank you, this was the shake up that the mcu needed." And after hearing so many positive things and seeing screen shots of Nomadland, and the fact that Chloé said she only wants to film on location, it got me so pumped. Sadly, though, my excitement may have gotten the best of me or I expected too much. 
The Eternals is a colossal letdown. While I'm here, they did take some new ground in the Marvel cinematic universe. The film is roughly paced. The action is terrible. It's just the Eternals fighting in their power ranger outfits versus an ugly cgi monster on the gorgeous backdrops of the beautiful locations they flim on. This film has a high number of characters and, honestly, a star-studded cast but wastes them as while the acting isn't bad or amazing, it's just good and there's absolutely no chemistry between anyone. While I'm not a minority or part of the lgbt community, I just think the so-called diversity is great, coming from Disney, the same company that has in the past shrunk or absolutely redesigned posters to hide African Americans. This was a black panther film from 2018. In the year 2018! But, "baby steps, baby steps" I can't complain too much about this because at the end of the day, it is marked to kids and well if they feel represented. It was all worth it. Oh yeah, back to ranting. Threats, or lack thereof, are just frankly boring and so overdone, and the way they solve every piece of conflict in this movie is just so anticlimactic.
The only thing I can really say shines for the Eternals is... well, Chloé Zhoa herself. She is truly a real talent when you get glimpses of what she does behind a camera. It's glorious.I haven't seen Nomadland yet. We'll definitely be changing that soon. Sadly, her talent couldn't save this movie.
Although I do think it has its problems, it's not a terrible film, far from perfect. The MCU's The Eternals is yet another dull and uninspired film. It's safe to say this might be my most disappointing flim of the year. As a long-time comic book fan, I'm still excited about the MCU. Some of my favorite characters are coming, and as a lover of comics and these characters, seeing people get hyped about them gets me all excited, but as a fan of cinema, well, it just hurts to see. Maybe it is truly time to give the mcu a break.

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