Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit

I still feel the same way after my second viewing.. 

The drama is 85% hard hitting; what Taika does with shoes here, tying that to JoJo, his mother, and Elsa is so emotionally effective. I never thought I’d tear up over shoes, but I did. 
If Tarantino didn’t want his foot fetish to be so obvious, maybe he should’ve pulled it off in a dramatic way like this hahah.
But the 15% that doesn’t land has to do with Sam Rockwell’s character towards the end.. it is never earned, and its a little misguided. 

The comedy is 65-70% effective; there’s some funny moments of satire, dark comedy, quirky comedy, and slapstick comedy. But most of it starts to wear thin, recycling the same jokes over and over again without any punch to it. Falling flat.

I took my nan and mum to see this, and they both didn’t like it because they found the movie unfunny, and the comedy got in the way of the dramatic stuff. I can definitely see that, because while I think the tonal balance was executed well, some of the comedy beats that fell flat became a bit of a distraction since they stuckout like a sore thumb. 
But I still like this movie. It’s just those couple of things that are stopping me from loving it.

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