Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks ★★★★★

Seems like a normal investigation show by the Tagline but what lies deep in the world of twin peaks is much darker, inhabited by love affairs, evil spirits and supernatural beings.

My favourite show? It has to be, this is the second time I’ve watched it this year, it’s arguably the best thing David Lynch has done (accompanied by the great Mark Frost of course), but yeah it’s probably the reason why David Lynch is my new favourite director (THATS RIGHT I SAID IT).

Ik it takes a massive nose dive in the middle of the second season but it does come back very strong, and the perfectness out weighs the trash so I don’t really mind, it’s a struggle to get through for first time viewers but stick with it because it’s worth it, it’s worth it for the final episode trust me.

The world David Lynch and Mark Frost create in this show is incredible, I feel like I’m actually in the town of twin peaks and by the end I feel like I know the town off by heart, you grow such a strong connection to the town u don’t want the show to end. The characters are also amazing as one is even quirkier than the last, each has a distinct characteristic that makes them interesting and engaging to watch, and they are filled with captivating plots that make the show amazing.

Yes it’s got the distinct David Lynch weirdness at some points but that’s what makes it so great, I know a lot of people hate his style but if you’re like me and love it, you are going to adore these weird scenes, you might not know what the fuck is going on but it’s absolutely worth it.

Top 5 characters time

1. Is the goat DALE COOPER, do I even need to say more?

2. GORDON COLE David Lynch plays him too well, whenever he is on screen I’m either laughing or super intrigued by he’s line delivery, he adds a much needed satirical element to the show 

3. PETE MARTELL played by the one and only Jack Nance. Nance is an absolute legend and makes the character funny, interesting and awesome, he has funny lines delivered by a wonderful accent and crucial important moments that affect the show dramatically. Jack Nance is also just a talented actor, whenever you see a Nance and Lynch project you now it’s gonna be amazing, it was only right that Jack Nance was in this show since he appeared in every David Lynch project up to that point (except for the elephant man, fun fact he was going to play the elephant man but Lynch chose John Hurt because of his performance in The Naked Civil Servant

4. “BIG” ED HURLEY I relate to this mans struggles to Much god damn.

5. HARRY TRUMAN he is just such a badass I just love this guy too much 

This is my favourite show and I can’t wait until my good friend Peter watches this and hopefully loves it (but I’ve raised the bar super high). 

expect FIRE WALK WITH ME very soon…

“I’ll see you again in 25 years… Meanwhile”

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