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  • The Tin Drum

    The Tin Drum


    a classic of german literature that probably shouldn’t have been turned into a film because by necessity and adherence to the text, the main character’s two speeds are ‘screaming so piercingly it can cut glass’ and ‘drumming arrythmically’. 

    executed well, but this is a source text whose quirks read much less irksomely on the page.

  • Solaris



    emotionally speaking, when you nut in space, it push you backwards.

    also, they said this one is closer in spirit to the book and yet they still cut the bit where the symmetriad structures basically collapse in a cum explosion. can’t trust soderbergh, I guess.

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  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit


    the pan across teddy’s desk at the valiant offices is a stunning bit of concise and touching exposition and also contains the newspaper headline “GOOFY CLEARED OF SPY CHARGES” so I guess fuck off if you don’t like this movie

  • Midsommar



    finally, a movie about every twenty something’s nightmare: realising your airbnb hosts are fucking freaks

    alexa, play sommartime sadness.