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  • The Holdovers

    The Holdovers


    Why are people drooling for the men with feelings? Telling a whole story through characters of competing cleverness makes me want to crawl back into Plato's cave. Their resentment is contagious and asserts a supremacist trap.

    Oh no, the woman that may have been interested in him was actually married! Awww if no one cares for this alcoholic then I will! But I don't dislike him because he has a stray eye and apparently smells bad, I dislike him because…

  • Déjà Vu

    Déjà Vu


    csi wtf?

    the potentially helpful political content-undercurrent is nullified by the narrowing and controlling techniques (mainly audio of a character speaking while we are empathizing with the actions or facial reactions of another character and a facial-image priority/bias in general) 

    the alternative is forcing an empathy with multiple characters + environment in the frame at once and resisting the close-up until the close-up becomes necessary. otherwise i get the feeling the subjectivities of the characters are reduced to their faces…

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  • Hoovey


    i legit went to this school irl

    it was not in Normal, IL it was in the middle of a cornfield and notoriously so.

  • Barbie



    The Black Panther for 90s Commercial TERF Feminism

    Overall pro-Barbie to the extent of reintroducing outdated third-wave feminism and initiating overdue conversations about patriarchy/misogyny for smoothbrains. Also, in the same breath, Black Panther held immense significance. While both movies express opposition towards Colonialism and Patriarchy, their objectives are restrained by the impact of Capitalism, which impedes their ability to eradicate it. Let's move past the necessity of these movies as commercial products, which is to say let's move beyond the…