Lamb ★★★★

Lamb, a film about grief, acceptance, second chances, and Mother Nature taking its course. As slow of a burn as they come, Lamb methodically takes its time telling its folklore tale of a couple who lost something, and are given another chance at happiness. The question is, is this really a gift? Or is it something that shouldn’t be. The film feels like something terrible is about to happen at any moment. This eerie sense of dread looms over this family in this remote Icelandic farm. Isolated from everyone and everything. The setting almost feels like a character itself. The fog rolling over the ice covered mountains, with a sky absent of sunshine and night sky. Just grey at all times. It makes the film appear as a dream of sorts, until the ending which feels like an abrupt and rude awaking from said dream. I really loved the ending, for it nicely wraps everything up. Something was taken from this couple, so they took something from Mother Nature, and unfortunately the Earth has a weird way of correcting itself. It’s a sad truth, and it is shown through Maira’s eyes, how bad this may hurt, it’s clear she understands why this happened.

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