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  • Camera Natura

    Camera Natura


    Playful and poetic montage about the history of how colonial Australians view themselves through images, the second half features clips from various films, but the way it is all cut together, it takes on new meanings and emotions. The ending credits juxtaposing tv commericials with vistas of the Aussie outback is playfully scathing.

    Viewed on Kanopy Australia. You can rent the film on Vimeo through Ronin Films:

    The ending song - "Buried Country" by Tactics:

  • My Life Without Steve

    My Life Without Steve


    A great little gem that fully utilises it's single location and absence of people in the frame to tell the story of heartbreak over a failed romance. The narrative takes the form of an filmed essay, using a nuanced voiceover by Lottie Lyell to tell the story of her relationship with Steve, as well as their friends, and her family whe also has a falling out with. Reading from letters she has written and received, as well as quoting songs…

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  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    There's no real permanence or tension to any of the stakes or action that happens on screen, so when a character is in danger, or dies, you feel that they are going to come back in the next film. There are too many scenes of cgi characters punching eachother that my interest waned far too quickly into the bloated two and a half hour running time, which is disappointing since I really enjoyed all the recent Marvel movies since "Captain…

  • Metal Gear Solid

    Metal Gear Solid

    My snake... is solid