My Life Without Steve ★★★★

A great little gem that fully utilises it's single location and absence of people in the frame to tell the story of heartbreak over a failed romance. The narrative takes the form of an filmed essay, using a nuanced voiceover by Lottie Lyell to tell the story of her relationship with Steve, as well as their friends, and her family whe also has a falling out with. Reading from letters she has written and received, as well as quoting songs lyrics and literature, there is a real sense of intimacy with this character who we hardly see "perform" in the film. The film is comparable to "Sans Soleil" by Chris Marker (it even has a small film analysis of Cuckor's "Gaslight" mixed into the fictional story) but more personal and emotional. The presentation is very original, and at a brief 55 minute runtime, I highly suggest checking this one out.

I only found out about this through Curtin University's Kanopy library. The best bet for viewers outside Australia though, is to rent the film on Ronin Films' Vimeo page (see my comment)

This is the first work that I have seen from the Australian Film Commission's "Women's Film Fund", and I feel like I have tapped into a whole new source for independent screen stories that has gone underseen for a long time. I have only seen 7 Australian made films by women ("Starstruck", "My Brilliant Career", "The Babadook", "Jaspar Jones", "Summet Suit", "David Stratton: A Cinematic Life"), and that definitely will change. Different perspectives are important, and I really enjoyed this work for being understated and calmly reflective in its presentation.