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  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch


    One of the most original movies of the year; takes the novelty of multi-choice interactive video adventures and thrusts it into the internet age with Netflix as the medium of choice. Yes, the streaming service has had interactive videos with their childrens programs, but this is the first time it has been paired with a major original series made for an adult audience. It has five official endings, and a clever use of playing with time and multi dimension concepts,…

  • Shrek Retold

    Shrek Retold



  • The Other Side of the Wind

    The Other Side of the Wind


    It's finally here! The film I have been waiting to see since 2007, when I was a teenager and just started to get interested in the wonderful world of cinema. I read about the film once on the defunct website "Subterranean Cinema", ran by Don Alex, who had a massive archive of old movies I've never heard of - including clips of this movie (when it was unfinished).

    The first twenty minutes or so are very choppy. Many characters were…

  • Bad Times at the El Royale

    Bad Times at the El Royale


    Shirtless Chris Hemsworth dancing to Deep Purple will make you believe in the Kinsey scale

  • Venom



    My Super Hero rankings for 2018 so far:

    #1 - Black Panther (4/5)
    #2 - Dead Pool 2 (3/5)
    #3 - Venom (3/5)
    #4 - Avengers: Infinity War (2.5/5)
    #5 - Incredibles 2 (2.5/5)
    #6 - Ant-Man and Wasp (2.5/5)

    "Venom" is a pretty solid movie, I liked Tom Hardy in it (could understand his dialogue this time), and the effects and action were pretty (though bloodless). I am looking forward to a director's cut. As is, the theaterical version…

  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    Lynne Ramsay decides to make a shitty homage to "Tree of Life" and "Taxi Driver". Johnny Greenwood's blaringly awful score is juxtaposed over one ugly image after another (in content, and presentation). The use elliptical storytelling to give some insight into the background of our hit-man protagonist (Phoenix) is very experimental, but not in an innovative way that can smash the boundries of conventional storytelling that Ramsay pulls off in her other movies ("We Need To Talk About Kevin"), but…

  • Johnny English Strikes Again

    Johnny English Strikes Again


    Garbage Rowan Atkinson comedy, one or two decent laughs, and that's it (Johnny accidentally taking speed and clubbing all night, Johnny playing a V.R. simulation and causing damage in the real world). The villian is also immediately identifiable, and the fact that the Prime Minister of England doesn't see through his plan after five seconds is extremely unbelievable, not to mention that he is a tech genius, but he doesn't even have much security at his house to immediately find…

  • Nathan for You: Finding Frances

    Nathan for You: Finding Frances

    Compared to the rest of the show (which is brilliant), it's okay. Too long, not very funny; it ends up reaching for a strong emotional pull, but is about as deep as the lake Nathan takes an escort to on a date (which isn't deep at all, to be honest).

    Nice touch by adding the "Fargo" style music to the opening. Makes me think that the whole true story could be faked, and certainly the believability of some scenes does stretch in places, given that William Heath is an actor as well.

  • Out 1

    Out 1


    It's been about two years since I last attempted to watch this behemoth of a movie, and finally, after two weeks of viewing its 8 feature length parts on and off, I did it.

    The 13 hours don't feel like too much of a chore, like I originally thought. Thanks to the recent restoration, and the beautiful Blu-ray release by Arrow Academy, I can appreciate the fine 16mm photography, and Rivette's fierce spontaneity, and his resistance to convention.

    Although the…

  • Searching



    A truly modern thriller, it has all the hallmarks of an engaging story, while being told wholly through computer screens, telephone calls and internet videos. John Cho's performance as a father who is in desperate search of his missing daughter really holds the film together, and the concept of him tracking her down through her online social media is brilliantly done. Writer/director Aneesh Chaganty and co-writer Sev Ohanian have a real degree of verisimilitude when balancing different themes, all the…

  • The Predator

    The Predator


    Despite some pacing issues and occasionally awkward editing (partly due to re-shoots), I had a fun time with "20th Century Fox's Shane Black's The Predator".
    The action is pretty mindless, and the characters hardly developed, but it has the silly charm of a 90s action flick; from the orchestrated score by Henry Jackman that's in the foreground of each scene, to the smooth camera movement that actually shows off the action, instead of relying on choppy handheld scenes that become…

  • Mile 22

    Mile 22


    A disgrunted Mark Wahlberg plays C.I.A. Agent Dave Silva, who leads an elite team of special ops types that have to escort police officer Li Noor (Iko Uwais) 22 miles through hostile territory to ensure his safety in an amnesty deal that will take him to the U.S. in exchange for vital information that could prevent a worldwide catastrophe.

    Lauren Cohan, John Malkovich, and Ronda Rousey also make up the cast in what could have been a fun summer actioneer,…