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Part Fairytale, Part Colonialism Allegory, Part Jungle Adventure and Part Monster Horror movie, King Kong is a classic 1930s film that still holds appeal and its legacy can still be felt today, being an originator of the giant monster genre (along with the 1925 Lost World).

An ambitious and manipulative film director, Carl Denham, travels with struggling actress Ann Darrow on a ship to a mysterious island (named in the promotional material and the later films as "Skull Island"). Along with sailors, including Ann's love interest Jack Driscoll, they come across a mysterious tribe who worship a giant ape known as Kong. The tribe kidnaps Ann and tries to sacrifice her to Kong, but instead Kong falls in love with her and protects her. The other men adventure through the island trying to find and save her. Along the way, the groups encounter a variety of deadly dinosaurs, including a T.Rex which Kong brutally defeats by snapping its jaw in half and a pteranodon (I know Pterosaurs are actually a different kind of prehistoric animal) which tries to steal Ann.

When the two groups eventually meet, Kong is stolen from his island home and taken to New York city as part of Denham's new show. However, Kong breaks free and proceeds to rampage through the city, eventually finding Ann before climbing to the top of the Empire State Building. Kong fights against the military's biplanes, but to no avail. However, as Denham says " it wasn't the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast".

Kong is truly a sympathetic and understandable character, and Denham is undoubtedly the villain of the piece. With a great sense of tragedy, very well-done effects for the time and great cinematography and editing, King Kong is a true classic of cinema.

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