Seance on a Wet Afternoon

Seance on a Wet Afternoon ★★★★

1st Bryan Forbes

Today was my Nana's funeral, and I felt the appropriate way to say goodbye would be to watch one of her favourite films, one I'd never seen before. I wonder what she saw when she watched this, what parts of her life she found within the walls of Myra's house or in her marriage with Billy. I wonder if she saw herself in Myra, in some way, or was she more interested in criminal psychology, the mechanics of a mind that would willingly plan to kidnap a child. Maybe she saw a film about the extremes of love and the perversions that lie within. Maybe she just saw a great film. Sadly, I'll never have the chance to know, and I doubt a medium could ever tell me. All I know is that she had excellent taste.

Fairwell, Nana. Thank you for all the films.

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