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  • Heathers



    Heathers is, for lack of a better term and for what I am sure will be a long review, indescribable. An '80s teen movie starring Winona Ryder (my first crush) and Christian Slater and which the poster makes look like a sweet teen high school romance is anything but. Funny? Yes, very. Dark and somewhat distasteful? Yep, that too, but then that has always felt like the intention.

    Something of a box office failure upon release in 1988, but which…

  • Weird Science

    Weird Science


    You have to hand it to John Hughes, he was incredibly prolific in the '80s and churned out his movies incredibly quickly. Not only did he have a habit of writing his screenplays in record time (sometimes in the space of a single weekend) but in 1985 he released two movies within six months of each other; The Breakfast Club and Weird Science and apart from Anthony Michael Hall and John Kapelos, there is very little they have in common.…

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  • Ma



    A Blumhouse production that reunites Octavia Spencer, Allison Janney and director Tate Taylor whose previous credit was The Help. For anyone going to see this based on that movie and expecting another classy, well-made drama that usually gets a load of Oscar nominations, it might come as a bit of a surprise that we're in the ballpark of a narrative that involves Spencer's titular character threatening to cut off Luke Evans' private parts with a machete.

    There's a part of…

  • Venom



    It's hard to know where to start with Venom. Gestating for a long time at Sony/Columbia Pictures, it very nearly happened after Spider-Man 3 and then again after The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Eleven years after being put into development and then languishing in hell for a decade, it's hard to read one's reaction at the resulting film that has nothing to do with either branch of the previous Sony incarnations of Marvel's web-slinger, or even the Marvel Studios produced version,…