The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★½

Hooptober #14: A Tobe Hooper film

I knew how diffewrent this one was going in so it wasn't much of a whiplash (I mean, just look at that poster) but... I dunno, this one still didn't domuch for me. At first I was pretty into it, the opening with the cars and the attack on the radio station were both pretty entertaining, but after that it became kind of monotnous. Comparing the dining table scenes from this and the original leads me to think it might be because the focus is more on the kooky murderers than the one who's actually going through all this; not a bad idea, but their dialogue and antics just weren't enough to keep me interested for so much time just spent on them just acting crazy.

Maybe if Tobe had really leaned into it and made it more of a full on comedy it might have been better, but scenes like those feel like an uneasy halfway between the original and this new direction. Comedy has the effect of making us take things a lot less seriously; whereas in the original the increasing horror of what as being done to and around Sally felt somewhat palpable and real, here you kind of just end up sitting around waiting for something really out there to happen, and it kind of never does.