While it may not be the easiest film to get ahold of in the world, I'm utterly stunned by how little attention this film has gotten. A gloriously stylistic and yet shatteringly depressing film about how terrifying co-dependency can really be.

This film communicates feelings of being alienated from the rest of the world, thinking that once you've found someone to depend on you don't need to look after yourself anymore, and feeling as if your parents and family members doomed you to be who you are today, and that you would do anything to escape those feelings by forgetting yourself in the arms of another person.

It's a film that may put up an heir of whimsy at first, but it soon uses that to deconstruct what it even means to love someone, what it means to take on someone else's issues, and hopefully accept them for who they are while pushing them to be better. Ritual is a film I wish wasn't only talked about more, but was a film more people had the opportunity to see, because I think it's another incredible work of art from one of my favorite creators.

"Tomorrow is my birthday."

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