The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This is going to be my last review for a good while on here, and here’s why.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been feeling stuck, for multiple reasons. I’m tired of being stationary. I feel like I want to actually live my life instead of just talking about movies or sitting doing video work. It also doesn’t help that talking about every movie I see is a very performative thing to do, and after a few months of it, I started to see movies a little less as movies and more as fuel for the reviews. I still did it though because I enjoyed writing them and I wanted to hone in on my writing skills, and I think I definitely got better at that.

But if there are a few things I want to put into all of your heads before I leave, and it’s that your worldview is very special. You can always bring something to the table that no one else can, and talking about why things matter to you specifically is exactly the reason art was created in the first place. Social media is designed to quantify things and shrink everything down to bite-sized portions, so when on here, keep in mind that cinema is one of the most boundless art forms there is. Art was not made to be viewed objectively, and I find it funny how so many people think it can be seen that way when every living person is proof of the exact opposite. Don’t dilute yourself because of the groupthink, don’t put others’ opinions of what you’re passionate about higher than your own, and find what it is that impacts you, and you alone. No two people see something the exact same way, and I think this website can make you forget that.

Above all though, beautiful things don’t ask for attention. So when you find something beautiful, maybe sometimes it’s best to keep it for yourself.

Thank you Letterboxd for introducing me to so many films, and thank you to those I’ve interacted with that have opened my eyes to cinema I would’ve never experienced otherwise.

”See you on Sesame Street, man.”

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